The story behind Cumulo Media

It all starts when a fresh-faced Ioan and Gloria meet four years ago at London Waterloo Station and decide they want to work together. After much deliberating, they embark on producing their first animated short film with Cumulo Pictures about an idea Ioan had been developing for several years: Cumulus.


Cumulus: A Story of Love, Clouds, and a Grumpy Bird

Cumulus follows the story of a young adventurous girl who runs away from her dad and finds a talking bird to adventure to the world of the clouds with.

We successfully crowdfunded the film during development to fund fees of all creatives involved - from the voiceover actors, to recording studios, to the concept illustrators, all the way to our team of four animators.


Working with Talent Around the World

Cumulus has been in production with Cumulo Pictures now for three years, with production slated to finish in early 2018. Working entirely as a remote team, our crew stretches from London, to Leeds, to Edinburgh, to Los Angeles, and to Natal in Brazil.


The Power of Remote Teams

We couldn't be prouder of our team at Cumulo Pictures, and this is what inspired us to start Cumulo Media: working remotely with talented individuals across the world, led by Ioan as Director and Gloria as Producer, to produce wonderful content for companies that operate internationally.


Behind the Name

Clouds, the atmosphere, and flying have long fascinated Ioan - evoking feelings of adventure, wonder, and freedom. Not only did this love of meteorology inspire the film Cumulus, but also the very name of our production group itself: Cumulo Pictures firstly, before later expanding to Cumulo Media too.

'Cumulo' is the prefix to several cloud formations, such as the classic anvil cumulonimbus cloud, while 'Cumulus' is a classic cloud shape.


Find Out More

Find out more about Cumulo Pictures and Cumulus on our website.

Cumulus continues to thrive as a production, and if you'd like to be involved in it's creation then you can still contribute to our crowdfunding campaign on our website.