As the world is becoming more open and well-travelled, the need for companies to create advertising material across the globe and to market internationally is more important than ever.

This is the power that Cumulo Media provides.

With the intention of creating video that inspires people with wonder, Cumulo Media exists to lift the limits on video production in a way not seen before, with operations that defy borders and traditional video production to make the pursuit remote: video produced anywhere in the world, from anywhere on the planet.



Cumulo Media was founded by Director of eight years experience, Ioan Holland, who has worked with great brands including TripAdvisor’s SmarterTravel, Remote Year, and British Journal of Photography.

Ioan has experience in the work and travel industry, spending a year travelling across Europe, Asia, and Africa with Remote Year as their videographer, has an animated short film currently on its festival circuit, and has had his work featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Thrillist, and Bucket Listers.

The projects Ioan has directed have accrued almost half a million views with advertising campaigns and helped raise nearly £800,000 in equity crowdfunding.

Ioan recognised that in an ever more connected world, the economy was becoming increasingly global while the relevance of borders to business was vanishing. He saw an opportunity to provide huge value to companies that increasingly need to market across the globe, and require engaging content with international reach to do so, with a video agency that would turn the traditionally location-based industry of video production into a cloud-based one.

Ioan and Cumulo Media created the pioneering operations with a proprietary network of creatives stationed all around the world, called the Remote Crew, ready to produce high-quality video at great value on an international scale.


Bringing together Ioan’s years of experience with great brands and Cumulo Media’s ability to produce video anywhere on Earth and advertise to markets across the world, means we can offer you a literal world of opportunity.

We take your marketing goals and design a strategy that will engage people with video that's truly global. Putting you in front of people anywhere on Earth.