Cumulo Media is run by the two of us: Director, Ioan Holland, & Producer, Gloria Daniels-Moss. We have been working together with remote teams for 3+ years with Cumulo Pictures and together have 11 years of filmmaking experience between us, and make up the lean and nimble core of Cumulo Media.

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Ioan has been a filmmaker for seven years and a full time videographer for the last two years, spending the last year travelling across Europe, Asia, and Africa with Remote Year as their videographer.

With a love of wonder, travel, community, and the unknown, Ioan loves to infuse projects with an original sense of creativity, authenticity, and heart & soul. Ioan has worked with great brands including Daybreaker, Clinique, Kew Gardens, Remote Year, and more.

Ioan directs Cumulo Media projects: developing the concept with clients and ensuring the highest creative & brand quality to meet clients' business needs.

If you'd like to follow him, you can find him over on Instagram.

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Gloria has been producing award-winning films and reviewing movies for six years.

She took her short film, Crossroads, to some of the world's most prestigious film festivals, such as Cannes, and won awards at festivals such as Birdies Film Festival in London and the Long Island Film Festival in New York. She is currently working with international production company, Quintessence Studios, on pre-production for feature film Misanthropos'

Gloria's love of film has meant her reviews are featured on official posters & DVDs of movies, including Japanese animation house, Studio Ghibili's The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, and Robin Williams' last movie, Boulevard. She also interviews many respected artists in the industry, like Tom Hardy and Amy Adams.

If you'd like to follow her, you can find her over on Instagram.


Once you plug in Ioan's experience in the work and travel business, travelling all around the world as a filmmaker, and Gloria's experience in producing award-winning short films, visiting world-famous film festivals like Cannes Film Festival, along with our network of creatives located around the cities of the globe, we make a formidable & lean team that is ready to provide high quality video at great value with all the troublesome parts taken care of by us for companies that operate all around the world.